10 Best Undergraduate Courses to Study in Nigeria – [Top Listed]

10 Best Undergraduate Courses to Study in Nigeria. Below are the best 10 undergraduate courses to study in Nigeria and the chances of being employed.

10 Best Undergraduate Courses to Study in Nigeria

In this article you are going to learn about the first 10 Undergraduate Courses to think of when studying as an undergraduate student in Nigeria – i.e 10 Best Undergraduate Courses to Study in Nigeria.

Just like every country, with Nigeria not excluded, the course you study at the university is very key in determining your career path in the nearest future. Bear in mind that the value of any course is purely relative. It is better you study what you have passion for; this will help ensure that your job becomes your hubby.

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Best Undergraduate Courses to Study in Nigeria

Here is a list these top rated Undergraduate Courses to Study in Nigeria. Please note that there is no particular order in the list below. We decided to list just 10 courses, this in no way suggests that the best courses are limited to 10.

  1. Medicine
  2. Agricultural Science
  3. Accounting and Finance
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Business Administration
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Architecture
  8. Computer Engineering and Information Technology
  9. Electrical Engineering
  10. Law

Let’s get right into details;


This use to be the dream course of study of every Nigerian mother or father and even remains the number one course to study in Nigeria in some circles only because of the general belief that high paying jobs are readily available for medical graduates. But this opinion is beginning to change especially with new information that more than 40% of medical graduate are currently still unemployed. Notwithstanding, Medicine remains a prestigious course to study.

Key Note

Don’t follow the crowed, it is said that for most medical rational, it is like a calling they just knew. Make sure you have a passion before making a decision.


Accounting and Finance is needed in all professional fields and business environments. This is solely because they can work in different companies such as airports, banks, churches, hospitals, schools, hotels, supermarkets, etc. it is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. With a degree in accounting, there is a great career part laid out for you.

Important Note

After getting your bachelor’s degree in accounting, also plan to get postgraduate degrees in different sub-fields of accounting or better still, go for professional certifications relating to the field. This is because your compensation will vary according to your level of education, certification, and specializations, but in general, accountants are well paid.


It has been repeatedly said that Agriculture is the new oil in Nigeria.

Agriculture Science is a broad interdisciplinary field of Agriculture and Biology. Having a degree in this course will open you to many career opportunities, depending on the educational track you choose to follow, this could be either the science or business side of agriculture.

Here is some extra advice;

Always have a plan B, get a professional certification in related fields.


Pharmacy which is among the science course is very popular. Pharmacy is a subject which deals with the techniques of preparing and dispensing drugs. Some of the courses covered by this degree consist of: Pharmaceutics, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, and Pharmacy Practice. During courses, students will learn about the fundamentals of pharmaceutical sciences.

Here is some extra advice;

It will interest you to know that the global pharmaceuticals market is worth $300 billion.

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From independent businesses to major corporations, there is a need for trained Business administrators. Generally, a business administrator handles the managerial, organizational, and operational responsibilities of a company or firm.

Business Administration is a broad field that incorporates different types of management positions. With a degree in this course, there are many lucrative, respected, and well-paying opportunities you will get.

Here is some extra advice;

It may be disappointing to say that the benefits of a business administrator is more theoretical than Practical. But notwithstanding a Plan B can always be that you get professional certification in other fields.


Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewage systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings, and railways.

Here is some extra advice;

Until the 18th century, the terms “architect” and “engineer” were interchangeable. They referred to the same person, because the fields of architecture and civil engineering were not yet distinct. So, getting an added certification in architectural designs will give you an edge in this very competitive world.


This is considered a premium course by many in Nigeria today. Architecture as a profession guarantees flexibility. Because you get to control you working hours, you can work for a company while also working for yourself. Plus, it’s among the busy industry that is not controlled by any season.

Here is some extra advice;

Find a university that has a standard architecture faculty and apply. Also, get into practice before you graduate. This will give you an edge such that when you graduate you would have gained enough experience, and will have no need to start finding your way in an already populated unemployed market.

Good news is, an architect will most likely survive in the labour market remaining self-employed than a lot other professions.


I know I said earlier that Agriculture was the ‘new oil’, well…you may want to quote me wrong here since Information Technology or Data Science is now also competing in that space of becoming the ‘new oil’.

Computer Engineering/Science and Information Technology is one of  the top courses to in Nigeria and all over the world right now and you will always thank yourself that you made that choice. This is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors globally.

Professionals in this field are in high demand everywhere in the world, especially those who have special IT skills.

Here is some extra advice;

It is important to note that you can learn special IT skills without going to the university, however receiving a formal education in the field of Computer Science or Engineering comes with robust career benefits.

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Generally, engineering courses are among the most sought-after courses in Nigeria. And among the engineering courses, Electrical Engineering is one of the top courses people apply for every year.

Here is some extra advice;

Job opportunities for Electrical Engineers are not readily available. But again, which course has a readily available job? Like I will always advice get additional professional certification. An electrical engineer would usually, also do better as an IT specialist.


Law is among one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. Law, or legal studies, comes into contact with almost every area of human life, touching upon issues relating to business, economics, politics, the environment. science, engineering and what have you. Law students even have their special black and white dress code that makes them unique on campus. (Even though I would hate to be placed on a uniform for that long, most especially after I had said bye-bye to uniform in the secondary school).

Here is some extra advice;

The economic value of Lawyers in Nigeria has declined in recent years; there is still the prestige of being a lawyer which hasn’t. Again, money shouldn’t be the primary motivation.

Final Not

While I enjoyed listing the above 10 Best Undergraduate Courses to Study in Nigeria, for most part I was very indecisive because there is no data to rank courses in the country yet.

We were able to list the above 10 Best Undergraduate Courses to Study base on the perception and marketability of Nigerian university courses and how graduates are doing in the market after graduation.

If you will like us to list out more, keep the conversation going. Use the comment section

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