Best Countries to Teach Abroad – Top Countries to Teach English in Europe

Best Countries to Teach Abroad – Top Countries to Teach English in Europe. This article contains details/information on Teaching jobs in Europe which includes the top 9 countries to teach English. Interested persons should read thoroughly.

Teaching English abroad is a good career decision as well as a great chance to earn money as you travel to new places. These fantastic English teaching jobs in Europe will enable you to see what working abroad is truly like, and it will be unlike any meaningful travel you will go on. You won’t be unsatisfied with the variety of options you will find in the greatest cities to teach English in Europe, whether you’re dreaming of champagne on the Eiffel tower.

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Which European Country Needs English Teachers?

Popular Destinations to Teach English in Europe
  • Spain: A very popular destination within the ESL community, Spain is always looking for teachers to fill positions in English language schools.
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Austria

Best Countries to Teach Abroad – Can I Really Earn Money by Teaching in Europe?

In Europe, teachers typically get paid for their services. Although you shouldn’t count on getting rich, you may surely make enough in this profession to live a decent life. It is safe to state that wanting to work as a paid English teacher in Europe is a reasonable goal.

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What Do I Need to Know Before Looking for English Teaching Jobs in Europe?

Securing ESL teaching positions in Europe requires completing three significant steps. The first and major step is to look for a job. The qualifications needed for each post may differ, but in general, you’ll need to be certified to teach English. Popular programs include TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA, but not all employers will accept all credentials, so do your research. For English teaching jobs in Europe, the majority of employers will demand at least one of the previously stated certifications from a credible assessor, along with some experience together in teaching jobs or working with students in some other capacity. Local language ability is also an advantage.

The next stage is to navigate the pre-departure red tape, which involves working with your new company to meet the essential permit requirements and navigate the appropriate visa procedures.

Finally, getting used to the neighborhood logistics. To make things simple, there are numerous programs and English teaching jobs in Europe that will assist you with accommodation.

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Where Can I Teach in Europe and Earn the Most Money?

The salary for English teachers in Europe varies not only by the nation but also by experience and academic background. When considering potential programs, be sure to compare the salary to the cost of living in the area, since higher wages are frequently balanced by higher living expenses.

Poland, a fast-growing market for prospects to teach English for a career in Europe, provides candidates with a fair package and keeps a low cost of living for basics like rent, utilities, food, and transportation. Similar to the Czech Republic, where the demand for TESOL jobs is growing quickly and living costs are low. On the other hand, despite Spain and Italy having high earnings, their big cities also have high living costs. A rural living will typically compensate you with a richer bank account and a very different pace of life.

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Best Countries to Teach Abroad – Top 9 Countries to Teach English in Europe

  1. Spain

What is there not to enjoy about Spain? It offers great foods, beverages, cities, beaches, and a language that can make words as smooth as silk. It also has a strong demand for English language teachers who take afternoon rests and have dinners that last till the early hours of the morning on their days off. A great place to look for jobs teaching English as a second language is in Europe.

  1. Italy

When it comes to satisfying the demands of your taste buds, Italy is the best. You’ll have plenty of time while working as an English teacher in Italy to try all the various gelato and pizza flavors, brush up on your Italian, and explore the country’s various landscapes. Not to mention visiting Rome’s Colosseum, Venice’s canals, and the Trevi Fountain’s stunning sights.


  1. Germany

A good place to look for TESOL jobs in Europe is Germany. It is one of the richest countries on the continent. The area provides English teachers with a high quality of life, and it has teaching positions available in a diverse range of settings, from big corporations to little private language schools. Your activities continue as you tour the nation’s grand castles, historic old churches, and several UNESCO sites using the effective transport system.


  1. England

England offers it all, from the buzz of London to the lovely, historic cities of Cambridge and Oxford and the undeveloped countryside of the Lake and Peak regions. Whenever you’re not in class, there are plenty of things to do in this city, which is famous for its tea, literature, and magnificent classical buildings. From basic to more advanced programs at various levels, there are several paid English teaching opportunities.


  1. Portugal

The lifestyle that Portugal offers is so nicely balanced between work and pleasure that the demands of a paid teaching job in such a supportive setting won’t ever get to you. Take tram number 28 across Lisbon’s vibrant backstreets while wandering in a fado singer’s music, and while you’re eating pastéis de Nata for breakfast, explore the city’s colorful side streets. Portugal is consequently among the top locations in Europe for teaching English outside of the classroom.

  1. Poland

Finding paid teaching positions isn’t too difficult in Poland because of the country’s fast-growing demand for foreign English teachers. You’ll get the chance to learn about Poland’s intriguingly warm culture, beautiful scenery, and rich history as a result of your trip. In addition to the large beers and pierogi jars.

  1. Hungary

An English teaching job in Hungary is the right solution if you’re craving food for a while. You’ll also pacify your appetite in the city that hosts the famous goulash festival. Hungary offers an ideal setting in which to pursue a professional career as a teacher in Europe. Hungary boasts amazing natural surroundings, stunning architecture, and warm inhabitants.

  1. Greece

Greece is the best country in Europe to search for a paid English teaching job if you enjoy spending weekends on white sandy beaches and class planning while traveling to different islands. There is nothing not to enjoy about this area, from the amazing tzatziki, pita bread, souvlaki, and ouzo to the great climate and wonderful landscape.

  1. Czech Republic

One of the top places to teach English is in the Czech Republic, a bridge linking Western and Eastern Europe. The need for English teachers has increased along with the expansion of small companies and tourists throughout the nation. When looking for paid English teaching jobs in Europe, the Czech Republic is a relatively underappreciated jewel because of its attractive red-roofed buildings, winding cobblestone lanes, and architectural wonders.

How Can One Find Teaching Jobs in Europe?

You’ve now made a decision to travel to Europe to pursue the chance to teach English for a living. Before you travel, take a moment to slow down and tick off some important things from your list of to-dos.

You should start by choosing a limited number of possible destinations. As you go, ensure that you check all of the locations’ demands. If you are unsure, get in touch with the providers and ask for more precise data. Consider enrolling in a program that will enable you to earn your TEFL certification before working as a teacher in Europe.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of possibilities to a choice that corresponds to your needs as well as your knowledge and expertise, start submitting some creative, stand-out applications to land the job of your dreams. Before making a decision, be careful to read the comments or speak with program graduates or current students. These are excellent sources of information about what life is like. The program will teach you a lot of things you didn’t even know you needed to know.

Work out the details of your visa, transportation, and accommodation once you have received the official program acceptance via email, then pack your bags and get ready to take off.

There Are Teaching Jobs in Europe Available for You – Best Countries to Teach Abroad

You will definitely have a difficult time deciding on a location and a program when there are numerous opportunities to teach English abroad in Europe and earn money. You might spend precious weekends and summer holidays exploring the magnificent landscapes, which range from the highlands of Ireland to the coastline of Italy, as well as every beautiful historic city in between.

Where Can I Save the Most Money Teaching English?

10 Best Countries to Teach English and Save Money
  1. The United Arab Emirates: Save $800 – $1,000+/month.
  2. Oman: Save $800 – $1,000+/month.
  3. Saudi Arabia: Save $800 – $1,000+/month.
  4. China: Save $600 – $1,500+/month.
  5. South Korea: Save $1,000 – $1,500+/month.
  6. Japan: Save $500 – $700/month.
  7. Taiwan: Save $500+/month.

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