Dollar to Naira Black Market Current Exchange Rate

Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today – Here is an update on the current exchange rate from US Dollar to Naira; the black market exchange rate today, Official rate, and the parallel market price. See below for all you need to know.

In this post, you will also know the CBN and black market exchange rate for dollar to Naira today. You change your USD to Naira at these rate or convert dollar to Naira at the latest black market rate or parallel market.

It is a well known fact that many Nigerians prefer to exchange their foreign currencies especially the US Dollars to Naira using the black market because the exchange rate is relatively higher than that of CBN or commercial banks.

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What is the current dollar to naira exchange price rate in parallel market (USD to NGN Rate)?

Well, it may interest you to know that Dollar to Naira rate in the black market varies hugely from the rate in Central Bank of Nigeria website (

Dollar to Naira black market exchange rate today is between ₦750 and ₦770 with an average of ₦762 in Nigeria.

Buying Rate: 780

Selling Rate: 785

Dollar to Naira CBN Exchange Rate Today

CBN/Bank Exchange Rate Today – Dollar to Naira (USD to NGN)

Buying Rate: 443

The price listed above is the current USD to Naira exchange rate. We will always update the latest rate on a daily basis to keep you informed. Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate is the current exchange equivalent of the United States Dollar. Rate varies for various banks and parallel markets.

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How Much is Dollar to Naira Official Exchange Rate Today

Parallel exchange rate (black market) exchange rate is always different from CBN rate. Currently, Naira is trading at 762 Naira Per Dollar. The Nigerian Economy is drastically affected by the Dollar to Naira exchange rate.

The black market commonly referred to as Aboki market rate for dollars is usually higher than the exchange rate at the banks which is usually regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The CBN Exchange rate is the rate you can buy or sell dollars for naira listed on CBN dollar to naira website

Dollar to Naira bank rate is the rate you use when purchasing something from foreign websites using your Naira Mastercard or Debit card from Nigerian Banks. These rate normally would always be lower than what is obtainable in the black market.

What do you think about this? Does this spell impending danger for the Nigerian Economy?

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