Godfrey Okoye University (GOUNI) Postgraduate Admission Form 2022/2023

Godfrey Okoye University GOUNI Postgraduate Admission Form 2022/2023 – Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the postgraduate programmes of Godfrey Okoye University (GOUNI) for the 2022/2023 academic session


    1. Department of English and Literary Studies
      • M.A, English Language and Literary Studies
      • Ph.D English Language and Literary Studies



    1. Department of Educational Foundations
      1. M.Ed. Curriculum Development
    2. Department of Arts and Social Sciences Education
      1. M.Ed. English Language Education
    3. Department of Science and Vocational Education
      • M.Ed. Measurement and Evaluation
      • PhD Measurement and Evaluation
      • M.Ed. Biology Education
      • M.Ed. Chemistry Education
      • M.Ed. Physics Education
      • M.Ed. Computer Education
      • M.Ed. Mathematics Education
      • Ph.D. Mathematics Education



    1. Department of Biological Sciences
      1. PGD Biotechnology
      2. M.Sc. Agricultural Biotechnology
      3. M.Sc. Industrial Biotechnology
      4. M.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
      5. M.Sc. Environmental Biotechnology
      6. M.Sc. Entrepreneurship Biotechnology
      7. M.Sc. Forensic Biotechnology and DNA Fingerprinting
      8. PGD Microbiology
      9. M.Sc. Microbiology (Medical)
      10. M.Sc. Microbiology (Environmental)
      11. M.Sc. Microbiology (Industrial)
      12. Ph.D Microbiology


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    1. Department of Accounting and Finance
      1. PGD Accounting
      2. M.Sc. Accounting
      3. PhD. Accounting
      4. PGD Banking and Finance
      5. M.Sc. Banking and Finance
    2. Department of Business Management
      1. PGD Management
      2. M.Sc. Management
      3. M.Sc. Operations Management
      4. PGD Public Administration
      5. M.Sc. Public Administration
    3. Department of Economics
      1. PGD Economics
      2. M.Sc. Economics
    4. Department of Political Science and International Relations
      1. PGD Political Science
      2. M.Sc. Political Science
      3. Ph.D Political Science
      4. PGD International Relations
      5. M.Sc. International Relations
    5. Department of Sociology and Psychology
      1. Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology
      2. M.Sc. Applied Social Psychology
      3. M.Sc. Clinical Psychology (Community or Medical Track)
      4. M.Sc. Economics Psychology
      5. M.Sc. Engineering Psychology
      6. M.Sc. Forensic Psychology
      7. M.Sc. Media Psychology
      8. M.Sc. Psychology of Religion (Pastoral or Religion Track)
    6. Department of Mass Communication
      1. PGD Mass Communication
      2. M.Sc. Mass Communication
    7. Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
      1. M.Sc. Computer Science
    8. Department of Physical and Geo Sciences
      1. PGD Physics
      2. M.Sc. Space and Ionospheric Propagation Physics
      3. M.Sc. Solid State Physics
      4. M.Sc. Radiation, Nuclear and Health Physics
      5. M.Sc. Theoretical Physics
      6. M.Sc. Solar Energy Physics
      7. M.Sc. Geophysics

Godfrey Okoye University Postgraduate Admission General Requirements

The general admission requirements for postgraduate programmes, subject to fulfilling other specified departmental requirements, are as follows:

  • Candidates must have the basic ordinary level University entry requirement of at least 5 credit passes in WASC, SSCE/GCE, NECO or their equivalent, which must include a credit pass in English and Mathematics.
  • Candidates for a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) programme must possess a minimum of a first degree or HND (merit pass)
  • Candidates for a Master’s degree programme must possess a minimum of a second class (lower division) degree from recognized universities with at least a CGPA of 3.00 on a 5 point scale.
  • Requisite academic transcripts must accompany applications for postgraduate programmes, which shall be forwarded directly by the issuing university to the Postgraduate School.
  • Successful completion of the postgraduate entry examination (PES)

How to Apply for GOUNI Postgraduate Form 2022/2023

To apply, CLICK HERE

The prospective student should follow the following guideline in order to successfully complete and submit the admission form.

Step One: Generate Application Form Invoice

Step Two: Pay Online Or at the bank

Step Three: Fill Application Form

Step Four: Check Admission Status

Payment Methods:

  • Online/Card Payment
  • Bank Payment (e-Tranzact)

Tuition and fees are due on or before the first day of each academic session. There are two semesters in each session. Extra fees might apply for the choice of payment per semester, quarterly or monthly.

Application fee – N12,000.
Masters – N300,000 full academic session
PGD – N120,000 full academic session tuition can be paid per semester.
For enquiries call: +234 814 156 6943, 08034973388

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