How to Grow your Facebook Page | 10 Simple and Most Effective Ways

Do you want to grow your new Facebook page organically? if yes, then you are at the right place. We shall be walking you through the most proven way to grow your page.

How to Grow your Facebook Page

Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. It includes people who are shown your posts in their own feed or because their friends have interacted with you. Paid reach is the people who see your content as a result of paid promotions. It is influenced by your ad targeting options and can also impact how to increase organic reach on Facebook.

1: Nurture More Leads and Organic Conversions

Many people use social media solely for brand awareness. That’s fine – but it leaves so much opportunity on the table to drive real results for your business. Lead generation is one of the missed opportunities. It also happens to be the linchpin of any successful marketing campaign.

2. Create a Facebook Group for Your Most Engaged Audience Members

Facebook is about building communities. A tightly-knit group is the closest you can get to it on social media. A whopping 400 billion people use Facebook groups.

You’ve got two community options:

  1. Start your own group.
  2. Join a highly engaged and relevant group that serves your business goals.

How to Grow your Facebook Page

3. Create a Facebook Ad

Running a Facebook Ad is an easy way to get your page in front of a new relevant audience. Using Facebook’s targeting features you can create an ad that reaches people with certain characteristics like age and location. You can also use Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature to upload your email list and reach your existing contacts.

There is a big difference between social media and social media marketing. Give people a reason to Like your page by sharing helpful posts and driving action.

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4. Invite Your Contacts

If you have more than 1 admin on your Facebook page, this applies to all of them. From your Facebook page you can invite your personal Facebook contacts to like your page. They will receive a notification that you’ve invited them and can either accept or ignore. Be genuine when inviting – don’t just mass invite everyone to get likes. Invite people who you think might be interested or who have a lot of contacts who might be interested (because hopefully they’ll invite their friends too – don’t be afraid to ask them to do this!).

5. Link to Your Page From Your Personal Profile

We all have an ‘intro’ section on our personal Facebook profile pages. Make sure that you’ve added your business as a current position, and even a little blurb about your organization or profession. Here is mine.

6. Promote your page offline too

Promote your Facebook Page on all of your print marketing materials including business cards, menus, flyers, signs, t-shirts — anywhere it can be visible.

Mention your Facebook Page the next time you speak at a workshop, seminar, or conference. You can even include an image and link to your page in your slide deck.

7. Engage As Your Page

Like and comments on posts as your page to catch people’s attention – but remember to be authentic in your comments! In order to engage as your page you’ll have to access your page’s news feed. Once you click ‘See Pages Feed’ you’ll see a news feed of posts from pages that you’ve liked as your page. Add any pages that you’d like to interact with.

8. Make Sure Your Page is Getting Recommended

In your page settings, make sure that the ‘Similar Page Suggestions’ option is turned on.

9. Invite People Who Have Engaged With Your Page

This is one that a lot of people still don’t know about – when someone likes a post, you can invite them to your page. If they already like your page or have already been invited, the button will be greyed out, so don’t worry about bothering people with repeat invites. So make sure to post content that people are going to like!

10. Make Sure People Know You’re On Facebook

Put a link to your Facebook page in your email signature, in your newsletters or promotional eblasts, and on your website (note: people will typically look for social media links at the very top or very bottom of a webpage).

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