Ifo College Of Management and Technology IFOTECH Courses Offered.

Ifo College Of Management and Technology IFOTECH Courses Offered. Here is the comprehensive list of courses and programmes offered at Ifo College Of Management and Technology.

IFOTECH Courses Offered

Ifo College Of Management and Technology is a public partnership (ppp) established Institution . It was approved by Federal Government of Nigeria and accredited by National Board for Technical Education (NTBE) and listed on Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

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Ifo College Of Management and Technology IFOTECH Courses Offered

The management of Ifo College Of Management and Technology has officially released the courses offered at her institution. Candidates are advised to read carefully this article to see the courses.

Ifo College Of Management and Technology IFOTECH Courses Offered

The following are the courses offered at Ifo College Of Management and Technology:

  • B.S Information Technology
  • B.S Hotel and Restaurant Management

Diploma Courses:

  • CST/IT/Programming (Programming NCIV)

The student in our 2-year program is trained to be skilled and knowledgeable in all principles of computer programming, specializing in Visual Programming, Web Page Design and Animation. It is also expected that the student shall be proficient in all office applications, data communications, networking, system design and analysis and communication skills. This course contains more advance units creditable for the BS degree. At the end of the course, the student shall accomplish System Application Software as one the major qualifying requirement for graduation.

  • Hotel and Restaurant Services

The course deals with the study in all hotel and restaurant principles. The student shall learn tourism, nutritional concepts, hotel housekeeping, food preparation, front office, food and beverage management and communication skills. At the end of the course, the student shall also learn quantity food production, baking, restaurant and bar management and personality development, including immersion to hotels in both and foreign.

  • Computer Technician

This course prepares the student to be adept in computer and electronic preparation theories and actual demonstrations which include advance troubleshooting, telecommunications, networking, entrepreneurship and computer architecture.

  • Nursing Assistant

The Nurse Aide program is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to perform basic patient care in a hospital, nursing home, or other medical facility. Students are taught to feed, bathe, and dress patients, change beds; take vital signs, along with tasks associated with the comport of the patient.

  • Practical Nursing (Health Care Services NCII)

This program is designed for students to acquire knowledge, skills attitudes and judgment in order to provide safe nursing care under the direction of a licensed professional nurse (RN), licensed physician (MD), or a licensed dentist in a hospital, nursing home, or other medical facility.

  • Automated Office Management

Automated Office Management Course prepares a student to be an efficient office secretary of a business establishment, government and non-government organizations. This course prepares the student to be proficient in all aspects of business management, office procedure, principles of marketing, personality development and communications skills.

  • Security Services NC I&II

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of a licensed security personnel in the field of security servicing in accordance with existing laws (RA 5487 as amended, Implementing Rules and Regulations, Presidential Decrees, and SAGSD, CSG, PNP Memoranda). It also covers performing control system in the workplace, basic communication skills, responding to emergency situation, demonstrating marksmanship and performing defensive techniques.

  • Book Keeping NCIII

Short Courses:

  • Microsoft Office Application
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Web Page Design
  • Windows Programming
  • Cellphone Technician
  • Restaurant and Coffee Shop


(a) Computer Hardware Engineering                         (ND-4 Semesters)
(b) Computer Science and Software Engineering      (ND-4 Semesters)
(c) Networking and System security                         (DIP-2 Semesters)
(d) Electrical and Electronic Engineering                   (DIP-2 Semesters)
(e) Mechanical Engineering                                       (DIP-2 Semesters)

(a) Multimedia & Mass Communication Technology    (ND-4 Semesters)
(b) Film & Television Production                                 (DIP-2 Semesters)
(c) Accounting & Financial Studies                              (DIP-2 Semesters)
(d) Marketing & Business Studies                                (DIP-4 Semesters)
(e) Office Technology & Management (Secretarial Studies)   (DIP-2 Semesters)

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