2023 Economist Program for Recent Ph.D. Graduates – International Monetary Fund (IMF)

2023 Economist Program for Recent Ph.D. Graduates (IMF Washington D.C. Headquarters) – International Monetary Fund (IMF) Economist Program for Recent Ph.D. Graduates. A three-year program at the IMF Washington D.C. headquarters. Here is all you need to know about it!

The IMF is inviting applications for its 2023 Economist Program (EP), starting in September 2023, at its Washington D.C. headquarters.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) is looking for young economists who want to have an influence on the global stage and who can bring the latest in economic thought and multidisciplinary approaches to help us address key global economic challenges, such as fostering global monetary cooperation, securing financial stability, boosting international trade, promoting employment and sustainable economic growth, and reducing poverty.

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International Monetary Fund Economist Program

Joining the IMF as part of the Economist Program (EP) will jump-start your career by giving you hands-on exposure to a cross-section of IMF work and an opportunity to apply your research and analytical skills directly to essential policy work which impacts our 190 member countries.

The EP is a three-year program consisting of two 18-month assignments.

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IMF is seeking 30 top economists from around the world who:

  • Possess an excellent academic record.
  • Have validated analytical, quantitative, and IT skills.
  • Show an interest in, and aptitude for, working in an international organization and contributing to economic policy issues.
  • Be a national of one of our member countries.
  • Be below age 34 at the entry to the program on September 11, 2023.
  • Have strong written and oral English skills.

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Ideally, you will also be:

  • Motivated by making significant contributions to the economic well-being of our members.
  • Able to demonstrate a sound understanding of macroeconomics (even if specialized in other areas during graduate school), able to utilize conceptual frameworks to commutate complex ideas, and comfortable in navigating around the different sectors of an economy and the linkages between these sectors.
  • Able to undertake a combination of operational, analytical, and research work.
  • Versatile and flexible in learning about different areas while also possessing a strong field of relevant expertise.
  • A natural collaborator motivated by exchanging information and ideas with others to reach common goals and make a substantial contribution to the team’s work.
  • Cultural agility and emotional intelligence to engage effectively internally and externally, develop relationships, and build strong networks.
  • Willingness to travel (can vary based on assignment but typically one-two mission per 18-month EP rotation)
  • Proficient in, or willing to learn foreign languages. (Languages other than English are useful but not a requirement.)

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  • The IMF Economist Program (EP) offers you a well-rounded experience of the IMF’s work and provides a unique foundation for a thought-provoking and fulfilling career as an economist.
  • During the three-year program, you will rotate through two departmental assignments, joining economic teams working in regional and country-specific surveillance as well as in the fiscal, monetary, balance of payments, debt, or related issues.
  • This could include policy development, country or regional operational work, research, and capacity development and teaching.
  • By the end of the program, we hope you will be as excited by our work as we are and will choose to remain and build a long-term career as an IMF economist.

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Application Procedure

  1. If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to a 30-40-minute preliminary interview during which you will be asked for a high-level overview of your research paper and to respond to questions on economic topics related to the work of the IMF and on your interpersonal and communication skills. The interview will be held this year by video, or by phone. Dates for IMF campus visits will be added here.
  2. Following the preliminary interview, you may be asked to forward your most recent university transcript from your Ph.D. program, provide three academic references (references cannot be from current IMF staff members), and submit a research paper (ideally of publishable standard) or one or two chapters of your dissertation.
  3. Successful candidates this year will be invited for a 60-minute virtual panel interview comprised of two or three senior IMF economists and a Human Resources officer. The interview will follow a similar format to the preliminary interview, focusing on your knowledge of monetary, fiscal, balance of payments, and financial sector issues and your behavioral skills, to provide a deeper assessment of your analytical abilities, judgment, oral communication, and interpersonal skills, knowledge of macroeconomics and related fields, and ability to convey complex issues in a logical and structured way.
  4. The committee will review all seven assessments (bolded above) with the highest weighting given to the panel interview and the research paper review.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the IMF 2023 Economist Program

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