Kaduna State University (KASU) Postgraduate Courses [Updated]

Official List of KASU Postgraduate Courses 2022/2023 Academic Session – Here is the full list of Postgraduate Courses offered at Kaduna State University (KASU). Check below for details.Kaduna State University is in Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria. It was established in 2004. It has seven faculties with over 39 departments and a library that contains over 17,000 volumes of books.

The management of the institution has officially published the school’s approved list of accredited courses for postgraduate programs.

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KASU Postgraduate Courses [Updated]

See the complete list of Postgraduate courses offered at Kaduna State University in the table below;

Arts a. Arabic M.A Arabic
b. Christian Religious Studies M.A CRS Ph.D. CRS
c. English Language & Drama PGD English Language M.A English Language Ph.D. English Language
d. History M.A History
e. Islamic Studies M.A. Islamic Studies Ph.D. Islamic Studies
f. Nigerian Language & Linguistics M.A. Hausa
Science a. Biochemistry PGD Biochemistry PGD Nutrition M.Sc. Biochemistry M.Sc. Biotechnology
b. Biological Sciences M.Sc. Biology M.Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture M.Sc. Entomology M.Sc. Environmental Biology
c. Chemistry PGD Industrial Chemistry
d. Geography PGD Environmental Impact Assessment Master in Environmental Impact Assessment M.Sc. Geography
e. Centre for Climate Change and Geographic Information System PGD, Meteorology and Climate Studies PGD, Geographic Information System Master in Geographic Information System Masters in Meteorology and Climate Studies
f. Computer Science PGD Computer Science PGD Management Information System M.Sc. Computer Science Ph.D. Computer Science
g. Mathematical Sciences PGD Mathematics PGD Industrial Mathematics M.Sc. Mathematics Ph.D. Mathematics
h. Microbiology PGD Microbiology
i. Physics j. Centre for Energy and Environmental Strategy Research PGD Physics Master in Renewable Energy M.Sc. Physics M.Sc. Applied Geophysics M.Sc. Solid State Physics Master in Environmental Sustainability Management Master in Energy Management
Management Sciences Social Sciences a. Accounting PGD Accounting PGD Procurement & Supply Chain Mgt Master in Accounting Master in Procurement & Supply Chain Mgt M.Sc. Accounting Ph.D. Accounting
b. Business Administration PGD Entrepreneurship Studies PGD Management Master in Banking and Finance Master in Business Administration Master in Industrial & Labour Relations M.Sc. Business Administration Ph.D. Business Administration
a. Economics PGD, in Health Economics PGD, Public Sector Economics Master in Public Sector Economics Master of Development Studies and Policy Analysis Master in Financial Economics MSC, Economics Ph.D. Economics
b. Mass Communication PGD Investigative Journalism PGD Mass Communication PGD Sports Journalism Master in Mass Communication Master in Development Communication M.Sc. Mass Communication
c. Political Science PGD Conflict, Peace & Strategic Studies Master in Conflict, Peace & Strategic Studies M.Sc. Political Science
d. Sociology PGD Crime Management Master in Criminal Justice M.Sc. Sociology

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