How to Link Email Address to JAMB Profile / Portal

How to Link Email to JAMB Profile  – Many Jamb candidates find it difficult to link their email to their jamb profile or portal after the exam. This is a very alarming issue amongst jamb candidates after the examination. The question still continues, “how can I link my email address to jamb?” or “I want to link my email to jamb profile?”

Jamb profile link – This post is written to guide with the JAMB linking of email, which will be very easy if you follow this steps stated in this post. JAMB has made it possible for candidates to link their email addresses to their JAMB profile and obtain their login details to access JAMB Portal.

Link email address to jamb – Candidates interested in linking their email to their jamb profile will have to provide a valid and active email address, to log in to the JAMB portal.

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How to link email to jamb without sms?

To link your email without SMS, you have to visit a jamb cbt centre close to  you with your active email address, then your email will be linked to your jamb profile.

I registered jamb without email?

Jamb registration online or at cbt centre can be done with or without email address. So at the end of your exam, you are expected to link your email to your profile to get access to your jamb page.

Jamb email verification

You have to verify your email with jamb to be able to access jamb utilities fully. Verify your jamb email is very necessary to do.

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Deadline for linking email to jamb – Closing Date for linking email to Jamb

Are you expecting a closing date for linking your email address to JAMB? If  yes, there is not closing date, it’s ‘ON’ year in year out. But the side effect is that if you don’t link our email, you stand a chance of losing your admission for that year.

So whatever you do, ensure you have linked your jamb email address and that you can access your jamb profile with your linked email.

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How to update email on jamb portal

Updating your email as  a jamb candidate is very important, you have to ensure that your email can access your page, and you can log in freely with your email. Update is done at accredited jamb centre nationwide.

Jamb invalid email format

Many candidates makes mistake with their email address during jamb registration and jamb email update, this will affect on the long run. To update your email, make sure you are using a correct email address and valid email format (example: or Confirm  your email very well before you submit or send SMS to Jamb for update.

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How to link email to jamb profile 2022

It is very important that you link your email to jamb to be able to access your profile, print your jamb original result, admission letter or do any correction on your profile (JAMB Data Correction) etc. To do that, follow the instructions on this page easily.


How to Link Email Address to JAMB Profile / Portal

Are you amongst the candidates asking questions about how to send email to jamb via SMS or Text message? If yes, follow the below guideline below to do that.

  • Send SMS writing “Email” with your email address twice to 55019 e.g. Email (Please Note: You should send the SMS with the Sim card you used for JAMB registration)
  • Afterward, you will receive an email from JAMB containing your “Password” details.
  • Now login to JAMB CAP with the email and password you received from JAMB, click here to do that. 

Please note, you will be charged N50 for the SMS. You must have credit on your sim before sending the message.

Once you follow the step-by-step guideline above, you can successfully obtain your login details for the JAMB E-facility portal.

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