Npower Account Validation Link on Nasims Portal/Dashboard – See steps

N-Power C2 Beneficiary Verification – Npower have mandated batch C beneficiaries to update and validate their account details in other to receive their npower monthly stipends –   In today’s Latest Npower News on payment, we will be sharing with you the Link to Validate Your Npower Nasims Profile Status with BVN, Bank account details to receive your npower monthly payment / salary and backlogs

Before we get started, we would like to remind you that if you have received your Npower payment as a Npower batch C2 Beneficiary and are sure that all your information are correct, you do not need to validate your account again otherwise, ensure you follow the steps provided in this article.

Npower has promise to send a verification link to all its beneficiaries who are yet to receive their payment, so if you have not received your payment for the month of August, September,  October, November, December 2022, January, and February 2023, kindly follow the instructions to validate your account. Do so immediately.

Where can I get the Nasims Validation link

We shared an update telling you that Npower will be sending a validation link to all Npower batch C 2 beneficiaries to validate their account. If you have not seen that update, read it here Payment Issue – Npower To Send Account Validation Link To All Batch C2

Well Npower management, has begun sending the Validation Link to Npower batch C2 beneficiaries whose information are not Validated to validate it.

According to the validation message sent by Npower to Batch C2 N-Power Beneficiaries, it state:

This is to notify you that we encountered issues validating the details you provided on your N-Power (NASIMS) profile. This could be due to error in data entry or in the case of your bank account, invalid/inactive account.

Npower Validation Requirement 2023

1. N-Power ID

2. BVN

3. Bank Account

Npower Validation Link/Portal 2023

Kindly use the link below to validate your BVN and account details to continue maintaining your status on the N-Power Program.



  1. Good morning sir/ma I haven’t received any message and my account is validated and I haven’t received any stipend

        • Sir good morning when I put my iD number is successfully valid and my Bvn successfully validate my bank name and account number my name appears but when I click on submit button it will start please wait after the sent Npower is invalid it will not submit what is the problem?

      • I received text, and followed the link as directed. My ID was successfully validated but getting to BVN, I have been trying even throughout the night…. It keeps saying “please wait”. Someone should help me out, please.

      • Where is the link?
        Is it the one the that is not working?
        You people should fix things right for once in this country. Some people in the northern part have collected their payments we in Lagos nothing yet.

      • Pls what’s my Npower ID or how do i get mine, I have no idea what it is. This is my first time registering for Npower. Thanks as u kindly reply me and guide me sir/ma

    • Good morning sir/ma, I try to validate my account but it keeps on telling me that my npower id is not on the platform

    • Me too same issue, I received a text to follow a link to validate my account, 3 steps were involved, first was Npower ID which was successful, second was BVN validation which has been saying please wait for the whole day, and the third steps which was supposed to be the bank account validation is unable to get to that point,please what is wrong with the site or the platform?

  2. What about C1 beneficiary who are yet to get any payments at all?others have received 3months payment am yet to get any.pls help

  3. I filled my NPOWER ID was successful and proceed to the next step which was BVN, i filled and submitted it but the BVN didn’t take me to the next step and keep showing me please waiting. Any who can help me to solve the issue pls?

    • Good afternoon sir/madam,pls I’ve received payment for two months while others have received for 3 months

      • Good evening sir/ma my complain is I’m trying to validate my account details, and it shows me that my account is already exists by another beneficiary, then how should I get it right

  4. Good morning sir/ma I have not received any message should I wait for the message or I should validate my account

    • when I tried mine, it says I should go to the new email field, when I retried again it stop at bvn been processing, I can’t go to the next level which is account number.
      what can I do?

  5. The BVN is not going through, after saying please wait. I have waited for three hours it is still telling me the same thing, Please wait.

  6. I am a batch C 2 beneficiary. You said stipends had been paid from August to Dec.2022 and Jan. to Feb 2023. I only received February and March this year ( 2023). Those that means they have been paying since last year?

  7. I have received Payments, but not up to the specified months? Just twice. Do I need to do the update too?

  8. Good evening sir. When I’m trying to update my details is been. Saying beneficiary not found. That what there tilling me

  9. I received only December, but my portal hasn’t reflected the payment should I validate again?

    • My Id and Bvn were successful but when I entered my Bank details it says Npwr invalid. What is the problem and what do I do I have not received any stipend as batch c stream 2 beneficiary before now not even one

  10. Please I’ve been trying to validate since yesterday the Npower ID went through but my BVN is showing please wait for almost 7hrs I’ve been on it.infact I know trying all through yesterday and today. Please what’s the solution .
    Thank you

  11. I entered my npower I’d successful my bvn successful and also entered my bank account but it keeps telling me npower invalid

  12. I did the verification to the last step which is account number but for me to submit it keeps telling me npower is invalid

  13. Good sir/ma. I did the verification to the last step but for me to submit, it keeps on telling me bvn validation failed since 4:00am that I woke up. Pls help me out

  14. Pleas I try to enter the link but is empty is blank. N in my dashboard my bvn show is validated n I dd not receive any payment since what will I do please

  15. Good day
    Am a C2 beneficiary, after inputting my bvn, it keeps saying please wait and I was not able to continue with it .
    Please assist

  16. Morning sir/ma, have not been deployed and have seen alert….I don’t want to touch the money have not worked for, it is haram…. Pls send acceptance letter and also want to be deployed…. Thanks

  17. Good day sir/ma, please i am batch C1 npower beneficiaries but the recently paid allowance of September October and November i have not received, please help me, thank you, from
    Irene bassey

    • I verified my Npwr ID successfully, and I also verified my BVN successfully but when I entered my Bank details I got a response that Npwr is invalid. Moreover, I have not received any stipend at all as a stream 2 beneficiary. What is the problem? What do I do sir?

  18. Good afternoon sir/ma,I am C2 beneficiary and the validation links was sent to me on Sunday evening because I have not paid for any stipend then I followed the links and successful to final stage, but summission was telling me that the new bvn email field is required. Please what can I do.

  19. Please will my active access bank account replace my previous inactive Zenith Bank account uploaded in my dashboard after successful validation?

  20. Good afternoon Sir/Ma. Pls can I do Npower validation before biometrics validation? I was sent the validation link. Thank you.

  21. N-Power C2, My validation has been done successfully on Tuesday, 21st March, 2023 but haven’t receive my payment. verify and respond, please.

  22. I received the SMS and I have been able to validate my Npower ID and BVN but my account number and bank name is showing Npower invalid, please what does this mean?
    Thank you

    • Good afternoon sir/ma I have entered my Npower ID it was successful,but when I proceeded to BVN its often say invalid.please how can you assist me on this issue

  23. Good afternoon to the person in charge: please I filled in my ID and BVN since yesterday, up till this moment it’s saying please wait. What is going on my people?

  24. Please when entered ID is valid and BVN is telling me wait since over hours is not going through.what will I payment failed name miss match.wt will I do.pls help me

  25. Sir, I got married after my application to N Power. So, I applied with my maiden name. Now, I have officially adopted my husband’s name which I used in my NIN. I wanted to validated, but the system is asking for NIN (which has my husband’s name) whenever I submit the application for re validation. What do I do?

  26. The last stage of submitting account,it says NIN died required, please what does that entail?

  27. when i put NIN it will show successful, after putting bank and account, when i submit, it will show nin field is required and the nin will show black while othrs show green. please what is the problem please?

  28. Please someone should help I validate my id is successful,bvn successful,nin too,but when I come to the final stage that’s accnt details when I press on submit it’s showing me in field is required pls what could be the problem

  29. Is this validation applicable to B_creatives cos my acct is validated bt since we left camp December they hvant paid us since January till now

  30. I have fill all the 3step it even shows my name , which he wrote submit with good mark is that all

  31. I have undergone all the necessary steps; right from Npower id to account number but It doesn’t allow me to SUBMIT for about good five days. Please what should I do now???

  32. Good morning sir. when I put my iD number is successfully valid and my Bvn successfully validate my bank name and account number my name appears but when I click on submit button it will start please wait after the sent Npower is invalid it will not submit what is the problem?

  33. Good day sir/ma I finish with first step which is ID number is successful and I put my BVN more than 7 hours keep telling me please wait.please help I’m not receiving any alert since from September.

  34. Good morning sir.i successfully did and submit my validation.i was even congratulatied but but trying for the second time is showing BVN verification failed what does it mean sor

  35. Is today actually the last day for this validation stuff cos is not working o, nobody has been able to validate their accounts, now what is the way forward since they have not been able to fix their site as they promised

  36. please sir/ma i reset my password and they sent comfirmation code to my email but i have not seen it, please i need help

  37. I entered all the necessary requirements and clicked submit. It later displayed that npower is invalid. What can I do

  38. Since over past 2years now have not been receiving from N-POWER because I made a mistake on my BVN..pls what can I do.

  39. I got to know about the account validation not quite longer but the site is not opening, pls what can I do about it. Any hope for me

  40. Good morning sir/ma pls sir my ID is successful but when I proceed to my BVN it keep on saying pls waiting for more than 5 days until this time the same thing is saying pls help

  41. Good evening sir/ ma I haven’t received my own salary since ooo please I need help, thanks am looking forward to seeing your necessary step.

  42. Good evening sir/ ma I haven’t received my own salary since ooo please I need help, thanks am looking forward to seeing your necessary step your necessary step.

  43. Please I try to login with the link but it was showing the BVN has been linked to another Npower beneficiary please what should I do

  44. Good morning sir/ma,my account is validate and have not received any stipend please help me.

  45. I am a C1 beneficiary, I have used the link for the said validation, I passed the first stage, which is NPower ID, I passed the second stage, which is the BVN, but stuck in the third stage, which is the NIN, I have put my correct NIN and it keeps saying NIN does not exist, of which I cannot get to the last stage, which is the bank account stage. Kindly help me

  46. sir i entered BVN sucessfull, but my NIN is given me problem for one wk today, iam yet to send NIN and account No what will i do.

  47. I have successfully validate my npower ID, BVN but my NIN is not working, showing NIN does not exist. Pls what should I do in order for me to validate the NIN and proceed to bank account?

  48. Good Morning sir. Please sir on the NPower Validation portal as I was Validating my Account it shows that my NPower ID and BVN number was Successful and Valid but showing that my NIN Number from my National Identification Card I put in does not exist stoping me from proceeding to input my Account Number.
    Please sir what can I do to resolve the Issue and What is the NIN the Link or Platform is requesting for ? ? ?

  49. Please sir while validating my account I mistakenly put a different bank name. Union Bank of Africa instead of United Bank for Africa but the account number is correct. Can it affect my payment?

  50. The first tree steps are successful, but submission is saying : “the account name has already been taken”
    What does it mean?

  51. After entering my npower I’d no. I couldn’t even move to the next stage what should I do pls reply me

  52. I got the msg, n the link sent, n now I have done mine successfully. But the problem there is that when I entered the dashboard most of the documents I registered with didn’t show now as I speak even my passport as in my face, what do I do? Should I still go there to put them back? Plz I need ur reply, tnx.

  53. Good day ma/sir am C2 beneficiary and I have received October and December stipend but have not received November and I have validated successful but have not received the November stipend what should I do? Thanks

  54. I did my validation and sent without including the bank name, pls how do I rectify?and will it affect my payment

  55. Pls my own is showing NIN does not exist and this is the same nin I used wen I was doing the registration and even many things online.pls what can I do

  56. I got a mail that i was presellected for NPower batch C2 and to validate my account but i was tryed to validate it but it’s telling me that i cannot validate my Npower ID more than once but i know that its not yet successful. pls how can you help me?

  57. Good day all

    Mine is saying access denied and invalid credentials while trying to validate immediately I input this NPWR/2020/004650783… please should I do.
    thank u

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