Having Trouble on Npower Account Validation Portal: Npower ID Not Found Issue & Having Other Issues

Npower Account Validation Link Portal – Npower ID Not Found Issue Solutions –  Are you having trouble in updating your details on Npower validation portal? Is the portal displaying Npower ID not found or any other related Npower issue? This article will address all the npower validation portal issue.

Npower account validation link portal is open for all Npower beneficiaries to validate their account details with their BVN, Npower ID, Phone Number and Account details and most of the beneficiaries are finding it difficult to complete the validation process.

This article guides all on how to fix all Npower ID not found issues and proffer solutions to all issues.

We will be guiding you on how To Fix npower Validation issue and Npower ID Not Found Issue, including BVN error for batch C stream 2 beneficiaries.

Following the numerous complaints of Npower batch C2 beneficiaries who are trying to validate their Npower Nasims Account details via the link https://validation.nasims.ng, we have decided to create this post and share tips on how to fix the Npower ID error that they might be facing in validating their account details.

Note, that is article is ONLY for Npower Batch C2, Batch C1 are NOT INCLUDED

Npower ID Validation Error and Solutions

1. If you are trying to validate your account via the validation portal, and you get Npower ID not found response, what you should do is to visit your Nasims self-service portal and copy your Npower ID directly then paste it in the validation form.

2. Make sure that your network connectivity is Strong and ensure that you are using strong browser also. Try the various browsers to see which work best for you.

If the issues persist, you should send your complaints to Npower team through their authentic social media communication channels for proper assistance.

How to Validate Npower Account on Nasims Validation Portal

All Npower account validation takes place in https://validation.nasims.ng.


  1. Nin is the problem the website always pop up that “nin field is required” even if you fill its input box!

    • During registration I didn’t use my NIN instead my voter’s card , so During the validation it’s showing “NIN those not exist”

    • I didn’t use my NIN during registration, rather I used my voter’s card. If I enter my NIN is showing “NIN” does not exist

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