2023 NYSC Batch B Stream 2 Online Registration | Ongoing Now

2023 NYSC Batch B Stream 2 Online Registration | Ongoing Now. The NYSC Batch B Stream 2 is currently ongoing. Check out the requirements and how to Apply.

2023 NYSC Batch B Stream 2 Online Registration | Ongoing

We shall be working you through all the simple step by steps procedures for applying for the 2023 NYSC Batch B Stream 2 Online Registration.

NYSC management has finally announced a date the portal will be opened for the 2023 Batch B Stream 2 online registration and also the date for camp. Online registration will fall on 2nd August 2023 and camp date will fall on 16th August 2023. These new dates has been verified in the recently released 2023 BATCH B STREAM 2 Orientation Camp Time-table.

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How to Register

  1. NYSC Registration Portal: To begin the registration process, applicants should visit the official NYSC website (https:/www.nysc.org.ng) and click on the active link provided for registration.
  2. Fresh Registration vs. Revalidation: If this is your first time registering for the NYSC program, click on the “Fresh Registration” link. However, if you were previously deployed in earlier Batches but did not report to camp, select the “Revalidation” link to revalidate your application.
  3. Continuing Registration: If you have registered in the past but did not complete the registration process, click on “Login Here” to continue your registration. You will need to enter your username and password to access your existing account.
  4. Personal Thumbprint: It is essential not to thumbprint by proxy. The NYSC requires the use of the Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 fingerprint reader for this purpose, ensuring that the thumbprint is genuine and individual.
  5. Passport Photograph Guidelines: When uploading your passport photograph, make sure it is clear and properly dressed. Keep in mind that this uploaded photograph will appear on your Certificate of National Service and Exemption Certificate. Avoid uploading a picture of yourself wearing the NYSC crested vest. Note that once you complete Camp Registration, you cannot change the uploaded passport photograph.


  1. Name Correction and Rearrangement: If you come across any spelling errors or need to make name corrections, you have the option to apply for a name correction and rearrangement through the portal.
  2. Vital Details Accuracy: It is crucial to ensure that your Date of Birth, Date of Graduation, and Course of Study are accurately entered on the registration platform. These details will be reflected on your Certificate of National Service and Exemption Certificate, and they cannot be changed after Camp Registration.
  3. Correction Requests: For any necessary corrections related to Date of Birth, Name, Course of Study, Class of Degree, or Qualification, you can apply for the necessary changes on your dashboard.
  4. Inclusivity for Foreign Trained Graduates and Part-time Graduates: The registration portal is open not only for graduates from Nigerian institutions but also for those who obtained their degrees abroad and part-time graduates.
  5. Armed Forces Service Indication: For PCMs currently serving in the Armed Forces, there is a specific section during Online Registration where they should indicate their status.
  6. Error Avoidance: It is advised for PCMs to carefully review the information they have entered before submitting their applications. This will help identify and rectify any potential errors before final submission.

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