NYSC Batch C Stream II 2023: Date for Online Registration, Mobilization Timetable & Orientation Camp Date

NYSC Batch C Stream 2 (II) Online Registration Date, Orientation Timetable and Date to be at the Camp – As we pre-told you all that there will be NYSC Batch C Stream II, soon portal would be launched for the online registration.

If you are yet to do school mobilization, kindly rush to your school now and complete your mobilization to enable your name been sent to NYSC Senate List.

Is NYSC Batch C Stream 2 going to have a fresh registration

Yes, Batch C Stream II Registration will have a fresh registration

Will school mobilize again for NYSC Batch C Stream II 2023

Yes, school will mobilize again for stream II, in fact many schools have started mobilizing already. Time wait for no one, go now and do your own mobilization.

What will I do to join NYSC Batch C Stream II 2023

There are vital things required of every prospective corps members to do to enable him or her join Stream II. It includes:

Is there another registration for NYSC Stream 2 Batch C 2022

Yes there is another registration for them. Information reaching us from NYSC Official Abuja, now says; There will be NYSC Batch C Stream 2 to enable those who were not able to register due to one issue or the other to register.

The mobilization will start once Stream I Batch C leaves for Camp.

When is NYSC Batch C Stream II 2023 Online Registration Starting

Registration as affirmed by NYSC officials continues for Batch C Stream II from November 11th, .

I don’t want to join NYSC Batch C Stream I, will it be possible for me to join Stream II

Yes, you can only revalidate to join the next Stream. See how to revalidate here [CLICK HERE]

General things or documents required for NYSC Batch C Stream II 2023 online registration

  • JAMB registration Number.
  • Matriculation Number
  • Bio Data (First name, middle name and surname well placed on your certificate)
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Marital status (Married women are to keep Marriage certificate, newspaper change of name, husband’s id card, Utility bill etc)
  • Passport (white Background)
  • Name of next of kin (two (2)) and their address, phone number etc
  • Name of school attended from primary – tertiary level, starting date and ending date
  • Shoe size, cloth size and trouser size
  • After or before the Online registration, you will be required to make payment either Online or via Bank

Note- During the online registration, you are required to do a biometric capture (Thump Printing) to completely register for the 2022 NYSC Mobilization

Steps on How To Register for NYSC 2022 Batch C Stream 2

Closing date for NYSC Batch C stream II 2023 Registration 

There is no specified date yet.

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