Rivers State Civil Service Recruitment Aptitude Test Exam 2023/2024 Portal is open

RSCSC Recruitment Aptitude test online date is out | Rivers State Civil Service Recruitment test 2023 | RS Civil Service CBT  online Exam – The Rivers State Civil Service Commission is by this announcement informing all those who applied for the Civil Service employment by the Rivers State Government that the website for online test opens Friday midnight 16th June and closes Sunday midnight 184 June, 2023.

Rivers State Civil Service Commission Recruitment 2023/2024 Test  Update

Applicants are to check The Tide Newspaper of Friday, 16th June, 2023 and to:
i ) Log on to www.rscsc.ng

  1. i) Fill in their application ID to the application field

ii|) Click start to commence the online test

Other relevant guidelines will be made available on the website before the commencement of the online test.

Important – Rivers State Civil Service Recruitment Test Past Questions and Answers – Download PDF


  1. pls i am yet to conclude my test i just submitted one question and the message i got you are done taking this test. i logon this morning pls i have tried looking for the website of the rivers state service commission, but it wasn’t futile. Kindly assit

  2. Pls help me, i did not complete my online test, I was in no 5, when it starting showing reload, the next thing that came up was your no 5 was not submitted, you can not take the test again, just like that. Please i need help to finish my test, cos is not opening again, I have been trying since 2am till now to no avail.

  3. Please help me so i can complete my test, as soon as i finished no 5 and tap next, what came up was reload, as i tap on the reload, the next thing that come up was, your no 5 is not submitted, you are not taking the test again, and it went off, just like that, since that 2am, I’ve been trying to open the website to no avail. Please all i need is help to complete my test.

  4. I just answered three questions and the network went offline,tried to login but couldn’t access it anymore..

  5. Am trying to take my test after putting in my BVN but is telling me under maintenance am still awake I can’t write it plz help me

  6. My name is Markson Benedicta T, I tried to log in to no avail, I couldn’t even see where to log in my Application id

    • I just answered only one question and they said reload, since then I have not been able to login

  7. Please the portal should open for us again, just answered only two questions and error occurred

  8. I log in and answer only four and couldn’t answer the remaining six from ajumogobia Sonny horsfall

  9. Please,I wasn’t able to take test. After I logged in, the network didn’t let me take test after answering the first question. Only to get a notification that my time has been exhausted.

  10. I only attempted one question and the site log me out, now it is saying i have already attempted the test

    • I only attempted 1 question before it started showing reload,the nxt this it’s that i have exusted my 4mins…Pls what would i do?how would i go about this

  11. Benson says,

    I just put on my ID on the portal then after a little delay no the internet service rather what I saw you have already taken the texts and may not have to take it , pls the authority concern should help thanks

  12. My name is AHIAIDU BINAEBI VINE since 11.59pm I’ve been trying to login in to no avail. At about 2am I got a message that they’re doing maintenance on the site and it will reopen by 8am but up till now the site has refused to open. Please help me I’ve not written my test.

  13. The site isn’t opening. Lots of us have not even taken the test. Pls do something, is Sunday morning already

  14. I stayed up at midnight on Friday 16th June just after I logged in for my test, all I saw was done. I’ve been trying to log in again since then no way. This is Sunday morning already. Pls help

  15. It seems that what is happening is deliberate. The site is closed, yet there is trending info that the site is open. Pls they should let it open

  16. When will the site be opened again? It’s ending today yet we can’t write the test and it’s said we will begin this morning. It’s after 9am already.

  17. I entered my Id No, for me to start, it when off, till now the site is under mentainaces till now.

  18. I can’t log in to take my exam. The website indicates system error; try again later. I have been experiencing this since yesterday. Please what should I do?

  19. No network … The site is not opening.. And the said time of 4 minutes it take long to move to the next question.. And as its taking time the time for the test is also running

  20. Please I can’t login.. I have entered my ID even my bvn but to no avail please what should I do

  21. The site is showing error each time i try logging since on the early hours of the 17th of june through till now that i am typing this message.

  22. I have trying it since last high, but the portal is not responding, it will keep on showing error, I waited till today since the update says the portal was under maintenance, now it’s past 9:30 today its still displaying errors, i just don’t understand what is going on. Before you know it now they’d say the on-line aptitude test is over.

  23. Midnight on Friday I started my test and within 30seconds the test went off and all I saw is, you are done with your test and can’t start again what do I do? Bcos I have been trying it since then

  24. Please, I typed in my Application ID, answered the first question, the second question did not come until my time was over. I was told I could no longer continue that my time has expired.

  25. chuku charity obiageri i cant log in the site is bad since yesterday morning i only attempt one question. its showing site cannot be reached. what do i do

  26. I just typed my ID number waiting for the attitude test to start , the next thing I saw was that you have already taken your text and you can’t take it again. I don’t get it. Pls do something about it thanks

  27. Nothing is working.the network is bad, even uptill this moment.please maintain the site and increase the expiring date

  28. I think if real the Rivers state government what to give this job to her citizens the 1.extend this date for the exam
    2 work no the network and exam center
    3.give second chance for people with problems to rewrite. Thanks

  29. It’s unfortunate that we are being deceived with substandard test in the name of recruitment. How would people attempt to write exam suddenly something happened along the line and at the end, no longer assess. This is not a clear recruitment Abeg. It has level of flaust. This test didn’t meet standard at all

  30. This test should be cancelled, there are lots of issues with the site.
    Onnce you answer a question and click next, it will take the site 50sec to bring the next question and the exam duration is just 4mins. You won’t even be able to answer up to 5 questions before the time will elapse.
    That is what I experienced and people are also complaining about one issue or the other about the site.
    Pls the Rivers State civil service commission should look into this aptitude test issues. Thanks

  31. After clicking next, it took so long before another question came out, why? Please, let the proper be done rightly . Honestly, the was not friendly at all.

  32. I tried yesterday but it was not successful, so today I finally tried and it went but when I entered my application ID the site opened so I clicked take test but it showed me that I have already taken the test that I cannot take it again, I don’t know what to do I need answers.

  33. Please help me, I can not complete the test, and the site isn’t opening again. What should I do?

  34. Pls my i.d no is 3082810 , I want to write the test but the site not opening for me to write. Pls how I go about it

  35. Last last, I was able to answer 7 questions. But network was not really favourably yesterday. My husband answered 4
    If u go through their previous past questions, u will notice that the Test was really easy cos of repetition of questions ✍️✍️✍️✍️
    Lord we are hoping for positive answer cos this has really stress many

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