SSCOE NCE Admission Form 2023/2024 | Requirements & How to Apply

SSCOE NCE Admission Form 2023/2024. Shehu Shagari College of Education has released her 2023/2024 NCE/Pre-NCE Admission Form. Below are the requirements and how to apply.

SSCOE NCE Admission Form 2023/2024 | Requirements

The courses in the School of Arts and Social Sciences cover a wide range of subjects, from Arabic Medium to Social Studies variants, and Islamic Studies in multiple combinations. Available programmes include:

  1. Arabic Medium
  2. Social Studies/Economics
  3. Social Studies/Geography
  4. Social Studies/Hausa
  5. Islamic Studies/Social Studies (SOS)
  6. Islamic Studies/Hausa
  7. Islamic Studies/English
  8. Islamic Studies/Arabic
  9. Islamic Studies/Geography
  10. Islamic Studies/Economics
  11. Islamic Studies/History
  12. History/Social Studies
  13. History/Economics
  14. History/Geography
  15. Social Studies D/M
  16. History/Fulfulde
  17. Fulfulde/Social Studies
  18. Islamic Studies/Fulfulde
  19. Economics/Geography
  20. History/English
  21. History/Hausa
  22. Fulfulde/History
  23. Fulfulde/Primary Education

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School of Vocational and Technical Education (VOC & TECH)

  1. Agricultural Science D/M
  2. Business Education D/M
  3. Home Economics D/M
  4. Technical Education D/M 2-P
  5. Fine and Applied Art D/M

School of Early Childhood Care and Primary Education

  1. FECCE D/M
  2. Primary Education

School of Sciences

Here, the focus is on pure sciences and their intersection with other fields:

  1. Biology/Physics
  2. Chemistry/Biology
  3. Chemistry/Physics
  4. Chemistry/Mathematics & Computer/Biology
  5. Computer/Chemistry
  6. Computer/Mathematics
  7. Computer/Physics
  8. Integrated Science D/M
  9. Integrated Science/Biology
  10. Integrated Science/Chemistry
  11. Integrated Science/Computer
  12. Integrated Science/Mathematics
  13. Integrated Science/Physics
  14. Mathematics/Biology
  15. Mathematics/Physics
  16. PHED/M
  17. Integrated Science/Geography
  18. Mathematics/Geography
  19. Mathematics/Economics
  20. Computer/Geography
  21. Chemistry/Geography
  22. Physics/Geography
  23. Biology/Geography

School of Preliminary Studies

  1. Pre-NCE Sciences Combination
  2. Pre-NCE Art and Social Studies (SOS) Combination
  3. Pre-NCE Languages Combination
  4. Pre-NCE Vocational and Technical Education Combination

Registration and Application Procedure

Interested candidates should log in to the College’s official website for the registration process and fill out the application form: SSCOE NCE Application Portal at

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