UNIPORT GES 100 Workbook – Answers to GES 100 Part I | Communication Skills in English

UNIPORT GES 100 Workbook – Answers to GES 100 Part I | Communication Skills in English. Are you looking for answers to UNIPORT GES 100 Workbook? Here are the solutions to Communication Skills in English workbook. See below for details.

Uniport GES 100 – This post is majorly for all the students that want to fill UNIPORT GES 100 – Communication Skills in English Workbook. This article will help you to confirm the answers you selected or wrote. Also, guidelines on how you will write your GES 100 exam and possible questions you will see are also stated. UNIPORT GES 100 is a compulsory course for all departments in the University of Port Harcourt and even for other schools at large. It is a course where you are been taught the Use of English. Uniport does not play with GES courses as it is very compulsory that all students must pass it before graduating from the University.

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UNIPORT GES 100 Workbook

Many have failed the course just because they were not informed or they were not updated with the right information. Always visit your favorite site, to get updates and similar questions that would come out in your exam. We have been doing it; that is helping students with the right information. We still believe we can.

The UNIPORT GES 100 part I is typically done to assist students in answering the questions from Module One to Module Three. If you’ve answered yours and want to confirm if what you’ve done is correct, you can easily check the answers below. If you’ve not answered any, you can still use this as a guideline to answer yours. But in all, we advise you read the Textbook so that you can confirm the answers provided.

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UNIPORT GES 100 Workbook


Unit One

  1. Listening
  2. Skills reading
  3. Reading
  4. Researching
  5. (a) Reading (b) Listening (c) Writing (d) speaking
  6. Decoded
  7. Purpose
  8. Listening for gist
  9. Reciprocal
  10. Non-reciprocal
  11. Intensive reading
  12. Skimming

Unit Two

  1. Language
  2. Form and function
  3. Communication
  4. The message, the encoder/sender, the channel, the receiver/decoder, the feedback
  5. Listening and speaking
  6. Reading and writing
  7. Viewing and visual representation
  8. Spoken, written, sign and body
  9. Structural
  10. True
  11. Language function
  12. Expressive function
  13. Directive function
  14. The phatic function
  15. Ceremonial

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Unit Three

  1. Note-taking
  2. Note-taking
  3. It makes you forget information fast
  4. False
  5. Language format
  6. Self Assessment Exercise
  7. Mentally, physically, psychologically
  8. Record, reduce, recite, reflect, review
  9. Note making

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Unit Four

  1. Library
  2. Recovery libraries
  3. Mobile library
  4. Hospitals and medical schools
  5. Cover
  6. Front cover, the central ridge, and the back cover
  7. Half title page
  8. The publishers’ blurb
  9. Frontispiece
  10. The copyright page
  11. International Standard Book Number
  12. The National Library
  13. The main book
  14. Library classification
  15. Call numbers
  16. Call mark
  17. The Library in American Congress
  18. P
  19. The Card Catalogue
  20. International Standard Serial Number
  21. Editors
  22. Directory
  23. Publisher
  24. Abstract
  25. Journals and periodicals

Unit Five

  1. Encyclopedia
  2. General and specific sources
  3. General and subject-specific dictionaries
  4. Cambridge advanced learners dictionary, Advanced learners dictionary, Oxford English Dictionary, Longman dictionary of contemporary English
  5. Bilingual dictionary
  6. Trip
  7. Companion
  8. Dictionary
  9. Thesaurus
  10. Subject-specific dictionary
  11. Cambridge advanced learners dictionary

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Unit Six

  1. Listening
  2. 45%
  3. Two months
  4. Hearing, listening
  5. Hearing is a complex activity
  6. People listening style
  7. Attentive listeners
  8. A combative listener
  9. Encoding, decoding, and recording
  10. An active

Unit Seven

  1. Intermittent listening, Biased listening, Social listening, Serious listening, Critical listening
  2. Physiological defeats and psychological problems
  3. Anxiety
  4. Cognitive dissonance
  5. Controlling listeners
  6. Insincere listeners
  7. Work of mouth
  8. Mental retardation
  9. Verbal, non-verbal
  10. Psychological
  11. Doing two things at a time
  12. Social

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