UNIZIK Postgraduate Courses and Programmes

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK Postgraduate Courses and Programmes has been released by the management of school of graduate studies. Check out this page for the full list.

Official UNIZIK Postgraduate Courses and Programmes

This page will list out all the postgraduate courses/programmes available in Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK). It will show you the Doctorate Degree (Ph.D), Masters Degree (M.Sc, MA) and Postgraduate Diploma Programmes available in UNIZIK.

List of Postgraduate Programmes Offered In UNIZIK

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka has been official accredited and/or recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria.

List Of Postgraduate Courses Offered In UNIZIK

At the Nnamdi Azikiwe university, the following postgraduate degree courses as well as diploma courses are available in the underlisted fields:

Doctorate and Masters’ Degree and Postgraduate Diploma Programmes are available in the areas listed below

Faculty of Agriculture (PGD, M.Sc, Ph.D.)
(a) Agric Economics & Extension
(b) Animal Science & Production
(c) Food Science & Technology
PGD and MSc in Soil Science and land Resources with domiciliation in the Department of Soil Science and land Resources domiciliation in the Department of Soil Science and Land Resources.

Faculty of Arts
(a)English Language: (Indicate either LANGUAGE or LITERATURE)
(b) History & International Studies:
(c) Igbo, African & Asian Studies:
(d) Linguistics:
(e) Modern European Languages:
(f) Music:
(g) Religion & Human Relations:
(h) Philosophy:
(i) Theatre Arts:
MA, Ph.D. PGD.

Basic Medical Sciences
(a) Anatomy
(b) Physiology (only on Full-Time Basis)
M.Sc, Ph.D.

Bio sciences
(a) Applied Microbiology & Brewing:
(b) Botany:
(c) Parasitology & Entomology:
(d) Zoology:
PGD, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Faculty of Education
(a) Adult Education:
(b) Educational Foundations:
i. Educational Psychology
ii Curriculum Studies
iii Educational Measurement, Evaluation and Research
(c) Educational Management & Policy:
(d) Early Childhood and Primary Education
(e) Human Kinetics and Health Education
(f) Guidance & Counselling:
(g) Library & Information Science:
(h) Science Education:
(i) Vocational Education:
i. Business Education
ii. Technology Education
PGD, M.Ed., MLIS, PGD, M.Sc (Ed.), Ph.D.

Faculty of Engineering
(a) Agricultural & Bio-resources Engineering:
(b) Civil Engineering:
(c) Chemical Engineering:
(d) Electrical Engineering:
(e) Electronic & Computer Engineering:
(f) Industrial /Production Engineering:
(g) Mechanical Engineering:
(h) Metallurgical & Materials Engineering:
(i) Polymer & Textile Engineering
PGD, M.Eng, Ph.D.

Faculty of Environmental Sciences
(a) Architecture:
(b) Building:
(c) Environmental Management:
(d) Estate Management:
PGD, M.Sc., Ph.D.
(e) Fine & Applied Arts:
(f) Geography and Meteorology:
(g) Quantity Surveying
(h) Surveying & Geo-informatics:
PGD, MFA., Ph.D, M.Sc.

Faculty of Health Science & Technology
(a) Medical Laboratory Science:
(b) Medical Rehabilitation
(c) Nursing Sciences:
PGD, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Faculty of Law
Law LL.M, Ph.D.

Faculty of Management Sciences (M.Sc., Ph.D, PGD, MPA, MBA)
(a) Accountancy:
(b) Banking & Finance:
(c) Business Administration:
(d) Co-operative Economics & Management:
(e) Marketing:
(f) Public Administration:
(g) MBA
PGD, MSc and PhD in Entrepreneurial studies with domiciliation in the Department of Entrepreneurial studies.

School of Medicine
(a) Chemical Pathology:
(b) Community Medicine and Primary Health Care:
(c) Medical Microbiology & Parasitology:
(d) Pharmacology& Therapeutics:
M.Sc., Ph.D, MPH

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
(a) Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management:
(b) Forensic Sciences
(c) Pharmacognosy & Traditional Medicine:
(d) Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology:
(e) Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry:
(f) Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology:
(g) Pharmacology and Toxicology
M.Pharm, Ph.D, M.Sc.

Faculty of Physical Sciences
(a) Computer Science:
(b) Geological Sciences:
(c) Mathematics:
(d) Physics & Industrial Physics:
(e) Pure & Industrial Chemistry:
(f) Statistics:
PGD, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Faculty of Social Sciences
(a) Economics:
(b) Mass Communication:
(c) Psychology:
(d) Political Science:
(e) Sociology and Anthropology
(f) MSc and MAI in Addiction Intervention with domiciliation in the Department of Psychology.



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